There are a lot of stock photography websites out there. And that’s kind of the problem.

When we founded NAPS we wanted to make sure we did things differently. We knew that we would need a unique offering if we wanted to grow a business that planted trees, and that meant coming up with a product or service that stood out.

Our passion for photography and our experience in the blogging world was a good start, but we decided to take things even further by building up a library of images from scratch. That would allow us to offer only the kind of images that we ourselves love, while also controlling for quality and ethics.

To take things even further, we offer our customers a distinctive service where we will take a photo for you as part of the membership.

Original content includes photos

You see, bloggers and marketers need unique photos in order to stand out in their own niches, as well as to avoid duplicate content penalties from Google. A lot of webmasters don’t realize that Google emphasizes content that has unique photos when forced to choose between articles that are otherwise equal.

And when you look at the existing stock photography websites that are out there, you will see the same images appearing again and again on news sites, blogs, and even YouTube videos.

why we take our own photos

Photo take down service

The next stage for us is to start offering a “take down” service where, if they want, members can pay to have a photo removed from our site so that only they can use it. This will be akin to hiring a photographer as you’ll have exclusive usage rights for the image. And the bonus for us is that we get to plant a few more trees!

Using photos almost however you like

Most stock photography websites require you to provide a credit when you use an image, or at least avoid using it as part of your brand. While we do have a few restrictions on ethical usage of our images, one of the main benefits of taking our own photos is that we can allow our members to basically go nuts. You can put them on your website, poster, banner, etc. without worrying if you’re using the license correctly.

What have we missed?

If there is anything you think we’ve missed in this equation, of if you have any other ideas for photos or photo subjects, we’d absolutely love to hear from you. Again, our goal is to build a profitable business that plants a lot of trees, and that means keeping our members happy! Please sing out if you have any feedback or suggestions.