We want to build a seriously amazing website filled with beautiful original photos so that we can plant as many trees as possible. And that means we need your help!

If you are an experienced photographer that has a distinctive style (or at least knows how to frame, focus and compose interesting images) then we would love to talk to you about buying some of your work.

Here’s the basics:

Credits and Attribution – All of our photos are available to our members to use almost however they like without a credit. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then we might not be a good fit.

Image sets – We like to buy image “sets” that are based around a topic or event. For example, you might have 20 photos from a nighttime carnival. That’s more appealing to us then 20 random shots.

Original photos – The photos can’t already be used on other stock photo websites. All of our stuff is original.

Photographer bios – We’ll give you a link and bio underneath each photo that appears on NAPS.

We’re happy to buy existing sets, or we can chat and come up with an idea for new photos.

If you want to earn some money from your photos – even some that you have sitting around already – shoot us an email at notanotherphotosite [at] gmail [dot] com and we can have a chat!