Not Another Photo Site (NAPS) was founded in 2019 as a little experiment to see whether we could create a new stock photography website that makes enough money for us to buy some damaged land and plant a boat-load of trees.

Fully appreciating how hard it can be to find good royalty free photos, we’ve made the process as simple as possible — just get a subscription and the photos are yours to download and use on your blog, website, or YouTube video without a credit forever.

We’re adding new photos all the time, and we take requests.


In 2018, an Australian guy called Ramsay was fortunate enough to sell a pretty popular Internet marketing website after nearly a decade of working in the blogging and SEO space.

Passionate about the environment and panicked about the impending climate catastrophe, his goal was to head back outside, buy some human-fu#$ked farm land to reforest, and hopefully bring it back to life.

It turns out, however, that this is a really, really expensive project and so NAPS was established as an “in between” business that will hopefully use those old Internet marketing skills to make enough money to support the buying of land, trees, fences, shovels, and all the myriad of things needed for an environmental endeavor.

NAPS works on a very simple deal where we give you beautiful, original photos to use almost however you like in exchange for a contribution that helps us get closer to our goal of buying land to reforest.

We are making our profits intimately linked to this goal and will start by contributing 5% of profits immediately to the reforestation project. Once the business is established and supporting itself we plan to increase that percentage gradually to eventually reach 50% of revenue going to tree planting and land protection.

That’s going to be a hard task (especially as the goal is 50% of revenue, not profits…) but we are committed to making this happen. As such we plan to do it in stages that start with launching the business, growing a client base through marketing, and then buying appropriate land in Australia.

First, we will build an eco-cabin and rent this out for vacations as a way to supplement the income of this site and enable the planting of trees, native shrubs, and other activities that support bees, bugs, animals all while offsetting CO2.

Over time, the plan is to add a number of cabins and expand the project in a way that allows us to acquire more land, plant more trees, and gradually expand the project as much as possible.

We are working with scientists, environmental and tourism experts, as well as the local population to ensure we get all this stuff right.

We look forward to working with you and building a business that plants a lot of trees and takes a lot of beautiful photos!